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Policeman and Badge Personalized Mug

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Create your unique Policeman Mug - Customize both Policeman and his Badge with any images you choose!
Personalize an 11oz or 15oz mug with first-class images and any text. Full-color imprinting, strong ceramic construction, and everyday convenience come together in one product.
  • 11oz: 3.8” height x 3.2” diameter.
  • 15oz: 4.7” height x 3.2” diameter.
  • Microwave safe.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Printed in the USA
  • Delivery frame: 6-12 days
If your badge type differs from the listed above, kindly send us the image of the badge you want to be printed on the mug at info@milaste.com 
We'll process it (remove the background, adjust the image quality, change the text if needed, etc.) and within 24 hours will send you back the picture of how the mug could look with the processed image. After that, if you're satisfied with the result you can proceed with the payment.

Customer Reviews

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k. hoffman
a nice mug to have as a keepsake , and or everyday use

i got the 15 oz mug ,they also have it in 11 oz . , i had the colors of my uniform along with my hair and skin tone on one side ,they even let you get short or long sleeves and different colors as well as different hat styles or no hat at all ,which is what i went with , i thought it came out great . on the other side they have different styles of badges in gold or silver colors to match your badge , and you can personalize it with your state emblem along with your city/county ,as well as add your name and badge number , i went with retired . i thought mine came out great and im proud to have it to remember my days working in law enforcement .i highly recommend it to those that like to have this as a momento , or a every day drinking mug to show your pride in your chosen profession. this is the 2nd item i have purchased from milaste.com , and im very impressed with their products and how good their packing and shipping is ,thank you again
the mug in the pictures look to be in different sizes but its the size mug just taken at a different angle and one closer then the other , thats why it looks different in size, but its one and the same mug .

mark miller
Great mugs

Mugs came out fantastic with a quick turnaround. Good outfit

Tim Mead
My cup runneth over

This cup will be Captain Rex Gruber's present
for his 92nd birthday. It looks great. 👌

Harry Mayer

Policeman and Badge Personalized Mug